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BCS Alumni

Be part of the community



Alumni communities have two distinctive strengths: relatability and sustainability. Having grown up in the same area, living together in the boarding house and perhaps having had some of the same teachers, former BCS students are ideal role models as they are instantly relatable. They can offer advice to students from their own context.

BCS Alumni can prove to students that ‘someone like me’ can succeed and prosper. BCS can have a lasting pool of support available because as new students leave the school each year, they can join the growing community of volunteers.

We want to grow our school’s alumni community, so there is a host of potential career and education role models. The list of possibilities are endless and new innovative ways of working with BCS Alumni are now being developed, BUT we need your help to do this. The sections below outline key areas where you as a past BCS student could help. For more information as to how you can help, please email us on thebluesociety@bcschool.co.uk or fill in the Alumni Form here

Role Models

Having grown up in the same place and attended the same school, our alumni are immediately relatable to our current students. This makes them ideal role models. Alumni can talk about their educational or career experiences and inspire current students to achieve their potential.


Our alumni can act as mentors either online or in person, providing advice, support and guidance to students. Mentoring is tailored to the individual with specific goals in mind, offering students a purposeful new relationship to help overcome a range of challenges.

Supporting the Curriculum

Former students can play a key role in the delivery of the core curriculum. Returning to their old classrooms, BCS Alumni can enrich the curriculum by co-delivering lessons related to their careers, helping build students’ understanding of the real world application of their learning and boosting their motivation.

Work Placements

Work experience is an invaluable opportunity for students to gain an insight into working life. BCS Alumni can provide shadowing opportunities and placements, helping students gain not only more awareness of work, but also the skills they need to succeed when they get there.


Former students often have specific expertise to offer: from coaching a football team, to running after school clubs or designing a new garden. They can also help the school or college community to flourish by acting as governors, combining knowledge of the local community with experiences and skills they’ve gained since leaving school.


BCS Alumni can support their old school by raising money or donating to specific causes. This could be sports sponsorships, music equipment or to fund educational visits for current students.

Alice Tai MBE above, is a BCS Alumni. Alice is a British parasport swimmer who competes in the SB8, SM8 and S8 classifications for swimmers with impaired muscle power. She has represented Great Britain at both European and World Championships and has won medals in both individual and team events, including a world gold medal at the 2015 IPC Swimming World Championships. At the 2016 Summer Paralympics, Alice and the team won a gold medal in the 4 x 100 metre medly relay 34 pts, and got she won a bronze medal in the 100m backstroke S10.

Alice went on to win the gold in the 100m Backstroke S10 at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast, Australia. She narrowly missed out on the British record, but won England's 100th gold medal for swimming in the history of the Commonwealth Games.

You can follow and support Alice here on Twitter https://twitter.com/Alice_Tai725 or www.instagram.com/alice__tai

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