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BCS Prep is a vibrant and thriving school, where children aged 3 to 11 years can enjoy a fulfilling educational experience.

The BCS Prep curriculum is broad and varied and provides a wealth of opportunities for children to fully develop their individual strengths, talents and personalities. The school has an enviable reputation for excellence and is well known for being a modern, forward-thinking school that encourages active learning and creative thinking, personal endeavour and strong community spirit.

"There are many ways of measuring the success of a school, but the simplest is often the best: how happy is the school? Pupils are happy when they are engaged and challenged, feel valued and sense that their interests and achievements are recognised."

Families are happy when they feel involved and when their aspirations are fulfilled and exceeded. Staff are happy when they work in a creative and innovative learning organisation. In aiming, above all, to be a happy school, we are not trivialising our academic and professional values – we are putting them to the ultimate test.

This website will give you a glimpse into life at our dynamic school, but to fully appreciate just what makes us special I encourage you to come and visit. Every day is an open day at BCS Prep and a warm welcome awaits you.

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Mrs Karen Wyborn
Head of Prep

What’s on at BCS Prep