Meet Laura current Year 13 student and boarder at BCS. Find out about her plans for the future and her time at BCS…


Q: Can you tell us about your journey into BCS

A: I’m originally from Brazil but I am also half Italian. I heard about BCS from a friend of mine from Italy called Tommy who was currently at the school. I wanted to go somewhere where I already knew someone and I loved the fact that the beach was so close. 

Img 0243Q: What did Tommy say about the school?

A: He talked a lot about BCS and how nice the environment was. He told me everyone was really welcoming and  had made some really great friends. That stood out for me a lot and when I arrived, I realised it was true.

Q: How did you find integrating into life at BCS in your first few months and did you enjoy it?

A: I would say it was hard for maybe 30 minutes when my parents left and then I had a boarding meeting where I started to make friends that I’m still really good friends with today. I was welcomed and easily fitted in. The school day was easy to join in with, especially since I knew Tommy, and I quickly became friends with the people he spent time with.  

Q: What did you think of boarding?

A: It literally feels like home, its so comfortable and fun being in boarding - it's like having a second family, especially with the boarding parents too. Miss Cunningham, who's also my Textiles teacher, treats me like a daughter!

"I will never forget my amazing experience boarding at BCS. I’ve made so many friends, met so many people from different places and made lots of unforgettable memories."

Q: How will you feel when you leave?

A: I don’t know how I will cope going from living and seeing my friends everyday to being more independent at University. I will miss it so much!

Bcs jan23mp 032

Q: What are your current plans for after BCS Sixth Form

A: I hope to go to London College of Fashion to study fashion or design management. I’m excited as I have lots of friends in London from home, boarding and school. I have already received offers from the University of Southampton and the University of Nottingham for next year but I still have time to make a decision. 

Q: What do your parents think of BCS and Boarding?

A: They like how much support I receive; they always say I have an amazing opportunity to get 1:1 lessons everyday which give me so much help. My teachers always update my parents on how I am doing. They are so happy with the relationships I have made with my teachers and boarding and are pleased with how I’m doing in my subjects.

Q: How are you finding A-levels so far?

A: I take Photography, Business and Textiles. There’s a lot of support from teachers, Miss Cunningham and Ms Harris are always there to help me, even on weekends so I can use the photography classroom and art supplies I need whenever I want. In business we get clinics for extra support and its really helpful. All my teachers are really supportive in every way.

Img 0487Q: Who’s your favourite teacher?

A: I can't say that they are all my favourite! It would be impossible to choose as I have an amazing relationship with all of my teachers.

If I had to Photography it’s just Oci and I; the relationship we have with Mr Coulter and Miss Harris is fantastic, I never thought I’d have a relationship like that with my teachers. And Miss Cunningham of course, whatever happens with us we know that we can count on her, she always there looking out for and taking care of us. They are the best.

Mrs Coulter, who is the Headteacher, makes so much time for our Business class even though she has the whole school to take care of. She has helped me learn and understand the subject so much and always has time for extra clinics if we need help. Mrs Wintrip, I love her lessons, they’re so funny.  I must mention Ms Wilson as well. She is always there for our form group, and I will miss her a lot.

Q: If you had any advice for someone joining BCS what would you say?

A: Its definitely colder than Brazil, especially in the winter, so bring a coat! But it’s worth it to be close to the beach and in such a nice area. Even in the winter, being so close to the beach adds so much, you can go sit on the cliff or go for a walk and look at the waves, it's amazing. Everyone is so nice, you will make so many friends.

Bcs jan23mp 035Q: What three words would you use to summaries BCS to someone?

A: Welcoming, comfortable, and homely. Just amazing!

Q: What are your highlights of BCS?

A: Making friends so easily and being able to go out to the beach after school. It was my first time boarding and so it was a big change. I didn't think it would be this easy but I made friends so easily with Oci, Maddie and everyone, we became so close in weeks. I have so many great memories its too hard to choose.