Year 13 student Haoran, who's studying Economics, Business & Maths, talks about his independence at BCS Sixth Form, and his love for basketball.
Q: Tell us Haoran about the process for you of joining BCS - how did you find out about us?

A: I joined BCS in Year 10. I planned to come here a bit later for university but then I thought it's going to be easier if I come a bit earlier, so I can get used to the language and culture in time for university. My friend also found this school for me, and he came here for Years 10 and 11. He left after his GCSEs and went to another CATs school in Northampton, which I also applied for, but I chose to stay here as I find this school much more suited to me. 

Q: Why did you feel BCS was more suited to you? 

A: Because I feel that there's a balance study and my free time here. And I love the sports facilities! I also enjoy the freedom I have in boarding too.  

Q: Do you get to play a lot of sport?

A: Yes. I mainly play basketball. I just love it, I watch a lot of NBA which influences me. 

Q:  And Mr Wood coaches you?

A: Yes he does, he's brilliant, a great coach and very funny. 

Q: So are you going to continue with basketball as a hobby or is it something you want to take further in the future?

A: I want to continue playing basketball in university, so that will influence the university I decide to go for.  

Q: And how about the academic lessons at BCS? Do you enjoy them and get plenty of support from the teachers?

A: I'm finding it a bit harder than Year 10 and 11 but I'm getting used to it! I actually enjoy all my lessons. My favourite teachers are Mr. Chapman, Mrs Connolly and Mrs Wintrip - they're the reason I picked their lessons. I had Mr. Chapman for GCSEs, and I found him very helpful and very friendly. Mrs Connolly was my business teacher and she helped me to improve very, very much because at the beginning the language barrier was hard. And Mrs Wintrip is just the kindest teacher. 

Q: Tell us about when you first arrived in boarding - we're you nervous or did you settle in quite quickly?

A: When I first arrived in boarding it was the first time in my life I had been to England. So I found it all a bit different but I made friends quickly which was good. Everyone is so friendly in boarding! 

Q: And the house parents, do you get on with them well?  

A: Mr O'D (Mr O'Donoghue) is the best house parent I have ever had. I used to go to boarding school back in my own country, but there was never anyone there like Mr O'D. He is just so helpful and always makes time for you. I really appreciate him because he supports me a lot.

Q: So can you talk us through the opportunities which were offered to you when you arrived? Did you quickly get involved in the co-curricular? Bet you loved being by the beach! 

A: Yes I got involved with the BCS Seahawks Basketball team very quickly. It's training every Monday and Thursday. I also love the beach! I went into the sea recently though last week and it was freezing. I couldn't just stay in the water for more than a minute - it was fun though! 

Q: Are your parents happy with how you're getting on at the school?

A: They are very happy because they believe in me. They trust me. You know, I'm very independent because I went to boarding school since Year 1. 

Q: And when you go onto university, I know you'll be looking for somewhere which has a good basketball team, but what will you be looking to study? 

A: Business because it's what my dad does. I'm very interested in starting up my own business, and I would also like to go to university in London.

Q: Do you feel like you get career guidance and advice on your further education options from Sixth Form

A: Yes, they are all very helpful. You can ask them any questions you like, they are always there to support you and offer a lot of 1-1 support.  

Q:What will be your favourite memory you take away from BCS

A: My favourite memory. This is a tough question because I have so many good memories! I'd probably have to say it was the Christmas Ball. We don't have anything similar in China, so it was an amazing experience. It was great fun dressing up smart and having a lovely meal all together.

Q: How would you summarise BCS in a sentence?

Q: I would say it's well balanced. I don't feel like you spend most of your time studying, but are allowed to develop personal hobbies too.

Q: Is the education here very different to China?

A: Yes it's crazy, you wouldn't believe it. On average, you spend about two hours a day doing homework straight after school, then you have dinner and then are expected to do another three hours. The teachers make sure you have finished. You don't really have time to develop your own hobbies. 

Q: So you would consider your experience here at BCS more about you as a person rather than just getting results.

A: Yes definitely.             

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