BCS makes a limited number of scholarship awards per year to support and help develop talented individuals.

These awards recognise excellence and potential in a range of areas, and carry clear expectations of involvement and requirements. Scholars are expected to work hard, contribute positively to the life of BCS and to set a good example to other pupils. Throughout our scholarship process, we like to put the emphasis on allowing the candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and strengths. The value of each award is determined by the Headteacher and the Governors’ Finance Committee and will not normally exceed 25%, and are only available at point of entry to the school.

Whether in the classroom, on the stage, in the music department, in the art studios or on the sports field, BCS is prepared to develop your child’s skills and help them reach their full potential, and we are delighted to be able to offer Academic, Sport, Performing Arts, Music and Visual Arts.

If you’re interested in applying for a scholarship for your child, simply complete the  application form and return it to the Registrar, Kelly Rumbelow, at the following address:

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BCS offers the following Scholarships: Academic, Music, Performing Arts, Sport and Visual Arts. For more information on each Scholarship we offer, please see below:

The Academic Scholarship

All students are considered for an Academic Scholarship, either through their entrance assessments, interview and review of school reports.

In Year 7 to Year 11
It is expected that Academic Scholars will have the potential to achieve 9 to 7 grades across the majority of their GCSE subjects. As a guide, they should be in the top 10% of their cohort.

All Year 7 candidates will be expected to sit an English and Mathematics assessment, candidates for Year 8-11 will take the CAT4 assessments; and have an interview with the Headteacher, as part of the admissions procedure. It is from this process that the Academic Scholarships will be awarded.

In Year 12
All students will complete an application form, to be accompanied by their recent School reports and references and have an interview with the Head of Sixth Form and complete a CAT4 assessment as part of the admissions process. Students will then complete an examination to determine their academic levels.

Any Academic Scholarship awarded may be subject to the student obtaining sufficiently good GCSE results.

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The Sports Scholarship

Sports Scholars are expected to take a lead role in sporting life at BCS, and/or study to GCSE or A Level equivalent.

The practical assessment will be the main factor on which sports awards are based.

Candidates will be required to:

  • Showcase a strong portfolio. 
  • Undertake a practical assessment in their sport where possible. If not possible candidates are required to send in video evidence (ie. rowing/sailing).
  • Have an interview with the Director of Sport.

Potential scholars will be asked to demonstrate and talk about how they can add to the sporting life of BCS, how they will act as an ambassador for the School and how they can lead towards excellence across a range of sporting disciplines.

Potential scholars will show regional and national potential and/or be a general very good all rounder in our school sports. 

It will be expected for candidates to show good leadership promise. Candidates must also also provide exemplary answers during interview.

References will be expected to be provided by any clubs that the candidate attends.

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The Performing Arts Scholarship

Candidates will be expected to study GCSE Drama or BTEC Performing Arts Level 2/3, depending on their point of entry into the school, and/or participate fully in co-curricular activities, performances and productions. BCS has an outstanding reputation for the quality of its productions and scholars are generally at the heart of these performances either as performers, directing or supporting backstage.

Candidates will be required to:

· Submit a digital CV/portfolio of achievement, two reference and video footage of themselves performing to contrasting pieces. These can be prior recordings taken at home. 

· Prepare a piece of their own choice, which can be in any discipline.

· Prospective scholars will be sent a short piece (one minute) set by Head of Performing Arts in advance of the scholarship audition.

· There will be a choice of music to dance, or an acting piece to perform, they do not need to do both. They will need to create their own movement or action for the piece to show their interpretation skills.

Candidates should feel free to show off their talents and ultimately have fun for the Scholarship assessment. We want to understand your passion for the Performing Arts!


The Music Scholarship

BCS’s Music Scholars contribute immeasurably to the life of the school through their leading roles in our performances. Music Scholars are expected to play a full part in the co-curricular activities we offer as well as taking on the role of music ambassadors, promoting the music department at every opportunity.

They would be expected to study Music up to GCSE or A Level, depending on their point of entry to the school and/or contribute fully to music performances. Candidates can enter for a Music Scholarship on any instrument, voice or music technology and should be above Grade 3 (or equivalent) for Year 7 entry and Grade 6 (or equivalent) for Year 12 entry, although candidates will also need to demonstrate a real enthusiasm and commitment to the subject.

Candidates for Music Scholarships should submit a digital CV/portfolio of achievements and where possible two references to support their application, this can include their music teacher at their current school.

At interview candidates will be required to:

Perform two contrasting pieces on their first instrument/voice:

  • Perform one piece on a second instrument/voice if one is being presented
  • Discuss the material presented and their music interests, achievements and activities noted in their music curriculum vitae with the Director of Music.

Music Technology and Production

  • Present two contrasting pieces of work involving music technology
  • Discuss aspects of their presentation, processes and equipment used as well as outline their musical achievements, interests and ambitions.

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The Visual Arts Scholarship

Candidates are expected to study Art as one of their GCSE or A Level options, depending on their point of entry to the school or contribute positively to the co-curricular life of the art department. The practical element of the Visual Arts Scholarship at BCS will take consideration of two main elements:

The Portfolio

All applicants for Visual Arts Scholarship will need to submit a portfolio of art work to support their application. This portfolio should be submitted digitally in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (or equivalent) of 10-20 slides. With regards to content of the portfolio, the primary interest is to see a broad range of artistic approaches and techniques being used, as well as the individual’s level of skill.

Areas to consider:

Each slide can have any number of images, but work needs to be chosen that shows a range of approaches and techniques and illustrates the quality of the candidate, therefore size of image and quality of photo need to be carefully considered.

The first slide should include the candidates name, age and current school.

Slides/images can be annotated to explain what each candidate did, how they did it and where they did it (e.g. school, home, art club, Saturday school etc).

Each candidate should also include a statement which explains why they should be considered for a Visual Arts Scholarship including information such as: how they are involved in the subject? What do they do on top of their normal lessons? Do they attend any extra curricular clubs? Have they been involved in any competitions? Do they visit galleries/museums? This statement can also be added to a slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

Here are some examples of different approaches that we would hope to see:

• High quality observational drawing

• Work using colour (dry or wet)

• Imaginative and creative outcomes

• Photos of any 3D work – (if relevant)

• Sketchbook pages

• Exploratory work

The Practical Test

During the test, candidates will be required to:

• Work from direct observation to evidence their drawing skills

• Respond creatively and personally to a specific ‘brief’

• Select their own preferred medium, which will be provided by the school or they may bring their own

• It is envisaged that the work produced will be two dimensional due to the time constraint

• Be interviewed by the Head of Visual Arts

• We would also like candidates to bring in a small selection of their practical work that may have been shown in their digital portfolio

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