Meet Year 12 student Elizabeth from Russia, who is studying Economics, Maths, French & Russian.
Q: How did you find out about BCS?

A: I have always dreamt about studying somewhere abroad and one day my parents told me I was going to England next year to study. I was in the UK at the time at a summer school.

Q: Why did you want to study in the UK?

A: My brother was studying in the UK when I was younger, and I always dreamt about doing the same. He was in Bath and now lives in Glasgow. I do get to see him every so often which is nice. 

Q: When did you join BCS?

A: I joined last September for Year 11. My brother brought me to the school, so I wasn’t really stressed at all. The first day I cried because I was a bit nervous, its new people new country and I was alone for the first time. I went to summer schools before but that different. When I realised, I was going to live here for the whole time without my parents that was a bit stressful.

Q: What did you think of boarding when you moved in?

"Everyone was very helpful and supportive, so it was much easier to adapt to the new culture."

Q: When you first arrived at BCS what did you love the most?

A: I was really happy with the location. The school is so near to the beach and the nature is lovely. I go outside a lot and I really enjoy the fields, there’s a lot of sport activity here. I was really surprised about the options available for co-curricular. There was a big selection I didn’t know what to choose in the beginning.

Q: What did you choose?

A: I chose drama, badminton and self-defence which were all really fun. I very much focused on my studies because I came into Year 11 and had to do a two-year course in one year to be able to do the GCSEs at the end of year. I was quite pleased with my results at the end of the year.

Q: What did you think about Girls’ Boarding when you first moved in? Did you make friends quickly, was it homely?

A: Everyone in boarding if you speak to them, you will become friends with them. Everyone is so friendly and in the same position as you so like it's not like anyone is stopping from talking to you. It was difficult for me to talk to people and make new friends at first though. I first spoke to people who spoke the same language as me and it took time maybe six months to speak to other people, I don’t know why. There’s just a lot of different cultures to get used to.

Q: Who are your closest friends?

A: Laura, Oci and then Mark, Adele, Christina and Darja. Im actually friends with everyone. I love Girl's Boarding and the atmosphere. At first, I was jealous of Boy's boarding because they always had exciting stories about boarding and we didn’t have anything. But right now, I love the morning when I am getting ready for school, and everyone goes into each other’s room and do their makeup and choosing outfits together. Everyone has their own culture and atmosphere of their room, and you just take part of it when you enter the room and I love it.

Q: What are your favourite lessons? Do you enjoy studying here?

A: I actually do enjoy studying here. All the lessons are interesting and helpful. Every lesson has a different atmosphere and vibe. In my French A Level I am the only one there, and so it is focused on me and I am very productive. I really enjoy my French lessons.

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