Prep School Facilities

Prep School Facilities

We’re lucky to be situated in the attractive suburb of Poole, Penn Hill, set in plush green grounds with extensive amenities. The spacious facilities are often met with surprise, as they are well hidden from the roadside.

We are proud of the whole host of academic facilities we have available onsite, with a number of bright, airy and attractive classrooms, plus an ICT suite housing 25 touch screen computers, laptops and tablets.


We never underestimate the importance and true value of books, and have a well-stocked library used by all pupils. The library is a quiet learning space with a range of books to inspire reading for pleasure, enquiry and research.


Singing, playing instruments and beating a drum are all encouraged as part of life at BCS Prep. Pupils even have the opportunity to learn ukulele! Our music room inspires and encourages pupils to experiment creatively and explore their hidden talents.

Art, Design & Technology Workshop

Designed to inspire creativity, we have a large designated Art Studio and a separate DT workshop both well stocked with the materials and specialist tools needed to enable pupils to design and create their masterpieces.


Ready and waiting for all kinds of new world experiments and investigations, our science lab is well resourced with a range of equipment and inspiration.


We’re lucky to have a huge range of sports facilities onsite to service our PE curriculum. BCS Prep has a large sports field, sports hall, tennis courts, netball pitches and a 20 metre indoor swimming pool. We also run a Learn to Swim programme and this is open to all, offering swimming lessons for mother and babies, toddlers and children.


Playtime is an important part of childhood; a time to release energy, keep physically active and socialise and interact co-operatively with children of different ages.  Our pupils play amongst the trees in the woodland areas, as well as having a hard standing playground well stocked with balls, skipping ropes and other toys.

Our youngest pupils have free-flow access throughout the day in addition to two stimulating outdoor learning environments which support all aspects of their learning and physical development.