The Sport Academies

The BCS Sport Academies are a group of unique programmes which celebrate, nurture and enhance the sporting talents of our pupils.

High-level coaching from top level professionals across a number of sports is combined with their education, allowing for time for a life outside of school and training.

Bcs staffnov22mp 015The inception of the Sports Academies began in 2008, when the school had little to no sporting provision and just over 100 students. Head of Sport Mr Richard Harrison-Poole (pictured), has always been passionate about sport and coaching, and he challenged the then Headmaster to assist local sports teams with coaching.

From there the inspiration around the Sport Academies grew. Encouraged by the ‘sky’s the limit’ ethos, Richard channelled his energy into developing the academies for both boys and girls by forming strong sporting partnerships (including AFC Bournemouth, Bath Rugby and West Hants Tennis Club), writing athlete development programmes, entering industry competitions and providing a positive space and experience for pupils in which to thrive in.






I want children to come to BCS and have a positive experience with sport. I want to be able to provide platforms for them to excel and have a positive relationship with physical activity - and also the opportunity to try something they may not have had the chance to do. 

The Sports Academies now boast over 110 members across Swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Netball,  Rowing, Rugby, Tennis and Triathlon, with more academies in the pipeline.

Swimming Academy

Badminton AcademyBasketball AcademyFootball Academy

Netball Academy 

Rowing Academy

Rugby Academy

Tennis Academy 

Triathlon Academy 

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Coaching Philosophy

Many of our pupils are being trained for elite success, but as a school our Sports Academies have been designed to ensure that Academy members maintain their sense of reality, of moral living, of sportsmanship and of the need to support their teammates.

BCS has a range of top coaches and support staff who have local, national and international experience in their chosen fields. The expertise that these experienced coaches and staff bring to the school has enabled our own sports and physical education department to excel, and the school teams are more successful than ever. 


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