Meet Heeju from South Korea, who is studying Pre-A-Level at Bournemouth Collegiate School and loves the multi-cultural feel of the school!
Q: So, tell us about how you found out about BCS, and why you decided to join? 

A: I came to visit first last September. At first my agent company recommended many schools in the UK, including King's College in London, which my mum wasn't so keen on. Then my agent recommended BCS, and my mum liked the school as it wasn't in a huge city, plus half of the students are British and half international. We came for a school tour.

Q: What was it like coming into boarding?

A: So lovely. I felt very welcome.

Q: And how did you find the lessons? Is it a big change from where you've been to school in the past?

A: Yes, the English has been really hard, but the EAL lessons have been very helpful to me.

Q:  Which teachers' lessons do you enjoy the most?

A: I love Dr Pumphrey. He is really good. He is my favourite teacher in the whole school.

Q:  And why's that?

A: Firstly, he always listens to me, and I like his teaching style in the lesson. I don't know. He is just really good. I love him.

Q: He is wonderful! Do you think is influence has inspired you to take Science on at A-Level? 

A: Yes definitely, I feel passionate about the subject now. 

Q: So, what's been the highlight of being at BCS this year? What have you enjoyed the most.

A: I think it was it was Christmas. There was a Christmas market in Bournemouth, and I went there with my friends on the weekend and Friday. I love Christmas.

Q: How did you find adjusting to life here?

A: Sometimes, mainly at first, I really miss my home, but now I'm used to being here I love it, and am enjoying this life now.

Q: What do your parents think of the school?

A: They really like the school. They love the boarding facilities, it's so clean, and they were impressed with my room.

Q: Do you enjoy boarding trips?

A: I do! My favourite was Winter Wonderland.

Q:  What do you love most about BCS?

A: Firstly, I have met many people from many countries. I really like this because I can make, like, Chinese friends, Malaysian friends, and Brazilian friends. It's so multicultural.  

Q: What three words would you use to describe BCS?

A: Creative, international and academic.

Q: What are your plans after BCS?

A: Stay here for three years and then go to university in the UK to study Architecture.