Meet Thomas, a current Year 10 student at BCS, who juggles an intensive study and co-curricular schedule inside and outside of school! He is taking Geography, History, Music and Drama at GCSE, and French lessons outside of school.

Q: How did you find out about BCS and what made you want to come here?

A: I heard about BCS from some friends. We decided to have a look around and found there were loads of opportunities. I saw that there was a Rowing Academy, which was a huge bonus for me as rowing is one of my passions. 

Q: When did you join the Rowing Academy?

A: I joined as soon as I could in Year 7. Sessions include a lot of on the river practice and also in the gym. It's a lot of fun - I would love to continue with it if I had the chance after school.

Q: When you first joined in Year 7, what other opportunities did you get involved in?

A: With all the Co-Curricular sessions available I jumped onto lots of opportunities. Anything to do with history I love, and I have really enjoyed taking part in the musicals - they are so much fun and I've made some unforgettable memories! The first musical I took part in was High School Musical in Year 9, and then Legally Blonde this year. In Year 9 I also wrote, with a friend of mine, the script for our performance of Peter Pan. Last year, I was also the White Rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland production which was brilliant!

Q: What subjects/activities do you enjoy the most at BCS?

A: It has got to be music and drama - a few weeks ago I was involved in the Spring Concert, and the musical evening Songs from the Show. I got to perform In both as I am part of the school choir and I also play the Oboe. There are so many opportunities!


Q: What activities do you do outside school?

A: I have two lessons a week in French, and I am also part of the Explorers, which is the next group up from Scouts. I have music lessons and I volunteer with the scouts. I also do band practise and performance at the Christchurch music centre.

Q: If you had to choose who would be your favourite teacher?

A: Mr Edwards, who is a teacher of History. He understands our class really well and I find him really interesting as he used to be an archaeologist. Also, Mrs Gates in Biology.

Q: Have you made good friends here?


"Yes. Although the classes and year groups are small there are so many different people here so you are able to fit into a friendship group easily. There are so many different people and cultures here."

Q: What is one highlight you have from your time at BCS so far?

A: It would have to be at the BOSCAs when I won the Junior Performance Award. It was the first time I had gone to the BOSCAs and it was an amazing event. I felt so proud!


Q: What are you plans moving forwards?

A: I aim to stay at BCS for Sixth Form. I want to take History A-Level, because I want to go into archaeology. I am also looking at Geography and possibly Science. Moving on from there I am looking at universities where I can study Archaeology or Anthropology. 

I would love to be a Prefect next year, and I will also apply for one of the Head's of School positions in Year 13 too.  

Q: If you had any advice for people looking for a school, what would you say?

A: Definitely come to BCS! There are so many opportunities here, whether you're interested in sport, academia or performing arts - the teachers are happy to support all interests.

Q: What three words would you use to describe BCS?

A: Supportive, encouraging and welcoming.