The Prep School

The Prep School

Bournemouth Collegiate Prep School is a flourishing, vibrant and popular school with real heart, which aims to nurture and encourage ambitious learners through the breadth, depth and quality of the education on offer, both academically and holistically.

The school strives to combine the best aspects of a traditional Prep school – good manners, social responsibility and academic excellence – whilst keeping abreast of what’s happening in 21st century society and the importance of self-awareness, pride in oneself ‘it’s good to be me’, and essentially being a lovely person!

‘Together we achieve the extraordinary’ is the school’s motto, and the children, parents and staff ensure the BCS Prep community feels just like family.

With large, spacious classrooms, great resources and up-to-date technology, pupils are stimulated to learn, and specialist teachers with a passion for teaching ensure there are no limits to their learning.

As a fully inclusive school we recognise that our pupils can be at different stages in their learning and development and that they may progress at different rates. Central to our vision is to be responsive to the individual needs of each pupil, so that they are able to participate, progress and achieve at their own level. 
We tailor teaching and learning in a way that ensures all pupils experience success and that no pupil is left behind.

A growth mindset approach is championed, where children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning. From Reception onwards, pupils are seen as Ambitious Learners who have GRIT: Growth mindset – we don’t know everything yet, can improve, turn the negative to the positive; are Ready to learn – organised, focused; Independent – understand themselves and can set themselves challenges; and Team Players – collaborative and work well in a group.

Educating pupils for a fast and ever-changing future is what the staff at BCS thrive on. Our core belief perhaps sums up the school perfectly:

“Every child is unique. For us what’s important is that children can stand up and say, ‘It’s good to be me’.”