Year 9 pupil Paul was only meant to stay at BCS for one year, but loved it so much he is staying on to take his GCSEs in History, Triple Science, French and Design & Technology.

Q: Tell us about your journey to BCS.

A: My parents and I were searching for boarding schools for me to join, when we came across BCS. We had a good look around the website and felt very comfortable with it, so decided to go ahead and join.

Q: What the main reason you decided to join BCS?

A: BCS had great pictures on their website, and being on the coast it's in a beautiful area. Bournemouth Collegiate School had a very positive message and feel about it.

Q: Are you excited to stay at BCS for your GCSEs?

A: Yes. I was only supposed to be here for one year but BCS fits me quite well and I am really comfortable here; Boy's Boarding is great. That is why I wanted to stay for my GCSEs and maybe even after that I will stay for A-Levels.

Q: What was it like joining Boy's Boarding?

A: The first day was really exciting. I realised there was many people from my culture, many Germans and I met so many different cultures as well. The best part about Boy's Boarding is that all the cultures came together and we all got along and respected each other. After a few days I felt comfortable to talk to everybody. The Boy's Boarding teachers and Housemasters are super nice, well trained and just amazing.

Q: Who is you favourite Houseparent?

A: It's like saying who is your favourite parent. It is very hard to answer.

Q: Who are your friends in boarding?

A:  I share a sense of humour with Leo and also Arthur is very nice.

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Q: Are you looking forward to staying in Boy's Boarding?

A: Yeah I am really happy here. I have so much freedom and I can make my own paradise here.  

Q: What is your favourite lesson?

A: My favourite lessons are academic, like Science. My two favourite Science lessons are Physics and Chemistry. Mrs Mariner and Mr Plowman are really great teachers, lessons are always fun and interesting.

Q: What would you like to do once you leave school?

A: I want to go into medicine, it’s a family tradition. My father and grandfather are both doctors, my mum is a nurse and my sister is studying medicine. I would like to follow them and become a doctor, specifically a Cardiologist. It’s a little too far in the future, maybe I will change my mind. Same with University I would like to go but I don’t know where, maybe England or Germany.

Q: Is studying in England different to Germany?

A: In England there is many more independent schools and in Germany they are mainly public schools. England independent schools like BCS are really special because the teachers actually have fun while doing their work and get on great with their students, supporting and helping them as the classes are smaller. This makes it easier to ask questions and they are always available to help even after lessonsor into break time which is amazing.

Q: What opportunities were there when you joined BCS?

A: I am doing a Chess Club on Tuesdays where a professional chess player teaches me. I have lots of prep time where I can prepare for the next day and do my homework. On Wednesdays I have boarders essentials which is a free lesson for boarders to go buy things for themselves. I also do football and basketball, there is lots of options here.

Q: What is your favourite memory from BCS so far?

A: A lot to choose from. The boy's boarding trip when we had to build a boat! Our boat only half sunk so we tried to rescue it. That was funny! In lessons it would definitely have to be something tgo do with Ms Innes because she is a really funny teacher. One lesson with her we read something out and my accent made a word sound funny and we were all laughing.

Q: What would you say to someone from home that is looking to join BCS?

A: Th reason why is that the teachers actually help you. Classes are smaller especially in A-Level ,when you actually need more help - there is only maybe four to seven people in one class, so the teacher can especially focus on you if you have a big problem.

The community here is great, and the teachers actually have fun here. You will really work well with these teachers and always have discussions with them. The lesson structure here is also really good. Most countries have 45 minute lessons whereas here they are one hour lessons so you can learn way more stuff. Another thing is that in other countries you don’t have subjects like they do here, like Drama and Design & Technology.

There are opportunities here that in some schools you would never get. For example, having a professional chess coach who especially coaches you and is a master. There are many things I would say its probably an hour-long discussion I would have with them but I think these are some of the top few points I would say!

Q: What three words would you use to describe BCS?

A: Three words I would use to describe BCS are 'Doing Stuff Differently.'

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