Meet Sherin, a Year 12 student from Germany currently studying Business, Geography and Biology at A-Level.

Q: How did you find out about BCS?

A: My mum contacted several agencies and we stuck with one. I told them all my preferences for a school, what sports I do and what I value in a school and then they directed me to BCS, and I liked it. I looked at the website and saw all the academies and what the boarding houses looked like through the pictures. And then I joined in September for Year 12. I didn’t look at many other schools but compared to the ones I did I preferred BCS because I like a small boarding house. I live in a very close family and having a small boarding house was especially important to me.

Q: What was it like joining the Girl's Boarding House?

A: The first thing I thought when I arrived was how close the boarding staff lived to the students which put my mind at ease. They were so welcoming and I felt very comfortable with them very quickly. Boarding at BCS was not how I expected it to be in the movies! It was very chilled and open, and there was clear communication between everyone. 

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Q: Did you make friends quickly?

A: Yes, I quickly met Marlene and we clicked instantly, we're like double trouble! And with the other German boys I became friends quite quickly with them as well, we always eat together at dinner which is how we bonded. 

Q: What do you think of the local area?

A: I didn’t go to Bournemouth I the first couple weeks, I just discovered Boscombe and Southbourne. I like them. On the very first day I went to the beach, and I was stunned, it is beautiful.

Q: Do you feel supported in your studies?

A: Yes, way more than I did when I was in Germany. It is a completely different experience, the support I get from teachers here. The teachers at BCS care about you on a personal level, they care that you get good grades and I feel so supported in every way which I really appreciate. That’s also the reason I am staying for another year because I couldn’t miss the support from the teachers here.

Q: What was the main reason you have decided to stay at BCS for another year?

A: The main reason I decided to stay for another year was so I would be finishing school a year earlier than I would in Germany - in Germany I'd have to do two more years instead of just one here. Also here, I only have to the subjects I am really interested in and want to study, whereas in Germany I can’t choose all of my subjects. I really like only having the three subjects to focus on. 

Q: Which teacher has supported you the most?

A: I have to say I love all my teachers, but my favourites are Mrs Wade and Mrs Reid. I receive an equal amount of support from every teacher, but just feel very comfortable around those two teachers specifically. I also get along with them on a personal level which is great. 

Q: Tell us about winning the recent Incubator Challenge - a highlight of your time at BCS I'm sure! 

A: Yes definitely! It was a huge thing for me and the group I was with. It was such a great opportunity to work with other schools in the CATS Global Schools group and meet like-minded Business and Economics students. Our pitch for ‘Unwrapped Wheels’, a  business based on the premise of a sustainable food delivery service went down so well with the judges! It was fantastic preparing for the big day in London in Mrs Coulter's office too.

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Q: What other highlights do you have from your time so far at BCS?

A: The boarding activities on the weekend are so much fun. The best boarding activity I’ve been on is go karting, plus a visit to a trampoline park Flip Out which we all loved!

Q: How would you describe Sixth Form life in a nutshell?

A: Sixth Form at BCS involves a lot of hard work, spending time talking with teachers and sitting and chatting in the the common room about subjects/life and what you're up to on the weekends! We're lucky as the Year 12s have a lovely little group, so we all spend time together in our frees. 

Q: What guidance for future careers have you received?

A: We have done a lot since the beginning of the year, including how to use UCAS, Unifrog and Vespa for career guidance. We were supported in exploring all of our options whether that was universities or apprenticeships for example. Then we went to a UCAS Discovery Event which was great! We had the opportunity to walk around and talk to every university. I wanted to find out which university had the best Biology department. There were also many talks to listen to. The whole day was so informative!

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I would like to do a gap year after Year 13, work for half a year and travel the other half. I haven't decided yet where I would like to go to university, but I am thinking possibly England, Germany of the USA, or maybe even Hawaii! Hawaii is famous for their Marine Biology courses. 

Q: How would you describe BCS?

A: I would describe BCS as very welcoming, supportive with a very familial atmosphere.