Our Values & Ethos

Our Values & Ethos

Our aim is to discover, nurture and engage the extraordinary in all of our pupils through developing the four C’s of BCS:

Bold in exploring your Curiosity.

  • Our pupils seek to not just explore new ideas; but find out how and why to draw their own conclusions.

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Beyond the classroom, Creativity soars.

  • Our pupils are encouraged and supported in igniting their creativity in and outside of the classroom.

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Believe in the power of your Commitment

  • Our pupils see where their drive and commitment can take them – and are empowered to succeed in whatever area their strengths lie.

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Belong to a diverse and inclusive Community

  • We are an all-inclusive and culturally diverse school, where every pupil is valued and respected. We embrace and celebrate the differences in each other.

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Our Purpose

Bournemouth Collegiate School is both locally and nationally recognised as a leading co-educational school where achieving an all-round, fulfilling and holistic education experience is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision

To discover brilliance in all of our pupils, helping them to achieve the extraordinary across personal, academic and professional endeavours.

Our Mission

To equip our pupils with the tools and experiences for a successful and enriching future; helping them to realise their full potential for personal and academic excellence. We create a nurturing, innovative and happy environment to support our students as they undertake their BCS journey. 

As a community, we embrace diversity, champion inclusivity and celebrate our ability to make a difference.