Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

We aim to provide our pupils with an undiscovered excitement for learning which they carry on through into adulthood. This is achieved through a variety of ways, depending on the age and ability level of the individual pupils, and through the teaching of a challenging and inspirational curriculum by teachers who are passionate about their subjects.

The core curriculum pupils study for the first three years (Year 7-9) is designed to provide exposure to a wide range of subjects that will enable our pupils to be well informed when making decisions about choices for their GCSE options. This is their journey towards intellectual maturity – we want to equip, inspire and engage them every step of the way.

GCSE Subjects 

GCSE option choices are made during Year 9 with the support of their tutor, subject teachers and from the Careers department.

All pupils will take Mathematics and English Language/Literature. Pupils will also study Science which can lead to a double award qualification (equivalent to two GCSEs), although some pupils may wish to be considered for the Triple Science. 

We are dedicated to providing all pupils with the advice and guidance they need throughout Year 9 regarding their options; and in essence pupils are encouraged to consider a balanced approach to their subject choices.  Pupils are initially given a free choice of any four options (or three for Triple Science) however, it is difficult from year to year to guarantee certain subject combinations although the likelihood is that vast majority of pupils obtain their choices. Parents will also have an opportunity to attend a parents’ evening to discuss option choices with their children’s teachers. 

GCSE Option Choices
Art & Design Business Combined Science   Computer Science 
CPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness) Design Technology Drama  EAL (English as an Additional Language)
French Geography Graphical Communication History 
Music  Performing Arts: BTEC Level 2 Physical Education Religious Studies
Spanish Sports Science (CNA) Triple Science  

To find our GCSE Option Booklet please click here

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