Outside of the Classroom

Outside of the Classroom

Education for our children does not start and end in the classroom.

Our focus on providing a fulfilling, all-round holistic education which places equal weighting on academic and personal achievements and developments for our children, means the time spent outside of the classroom, enjoying fun, interactive and rewarding activities is just as important for their personal growth and development.


Our co-curricular offering at BCS Prep embodies the whole school directive of the 4Cs - Curiosity, Commitment, Creativity and Community. We want to provide opportunities for our pupils to access activities, programmes and learning experiences that complement their learning in school.

There’s a whole host of activities on offer including ballet, yoga, choir, cooking club, multi sports, trampolining, academics, music, street dance and much more. The Co-curricular programme runs at lunch and after formal lessons between 3.45pm and 5pm.

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Forest School

BCS Prep is one of the only schools in the area to have a Forest School, which creates an outdoor woodland learning space and programme that aims to engage and reconnect children with the natural world. This innovative educational approach to play and learn not only enhances the school curriculum, but also captures the children’s imagination. It also encourages physical activity, collaboration, risk taking, social interaction, reflection and the freedom to explore using multiple senses and intelligences.