This practical course is ideal for creative and visual students who enjoy exploring design and pattern through working with fabrics, dyes and printmaking.

A GCSE in Textiles is not essential, but experience in a visual subject or a portfolio of work would be preferable. In the first year of the course, students will be introduced to a wide range of creative textile working techniques and approaches, producing a portfolio and sketchbook of work in response to various themes. Students are taught and directed by specialist teaching staff. In the second year of the course, students will then be expected to produce their own practical personal investigation and a practical exam at the end of the year.

This course will help to develop…

Textiles is a practical course in which students will develop their understanding of working practices, briefs and audiences. They will also show an understanding of the role and function of textile design. In their portfolio, they will develop their use of colour, tone, texture and pattern through exploring elements of fashion, printed, dyed, constructed, installed and expressive textiles.

Assessment structure

Full A Level. Examined after two years study

Component 1: Personal Investigation (60% of A Level) Candidates will produce two elements:

A portfolio of practical work showing their personal response to a chosen starting point.

A related study of continuous prose with guided minimum of 1,000 words.

Component 2: Externally set task (40% of A Level)

An early release paper will be issued on 1 February from which candidates will choose one starting point to base a personal response, the final outcome will be produced over 15 hours.

What can pupils study next?

The creative and visual arts industry is one of the largest employers in the country. This course prepares those students who wish to progress to art college or engage in careers involving textile arts such as design; fashion; costume: interior design; film/ theatre. The majority of students will progress on to the one-year Foundation Diploma before moving onto a specialist degree course in their chosen specialism. Some individuals will succeed in gaining direct entry onto their chosen degree course.

"Ms Cunningham is the best, without her there is no way I would have achieved the results I did, she and all my teachers really do go the extra mile and push you to reach your full potential"

- Madeleine, Year 13 Textiles student

BCS Visual Arts Brochure 2024 - Click HERE to Download

Prides Jewel 2024: Sony P, Textiles A Level

IMG 2132“Creating my lion statue was an incredible journey of creativity and community collaboration. Using materials like newspaper, mod-roc, chicken wire, a wooden mannequin as a base, fabric, and a lot of beads and jewellery donated by people in Bournemouth, I brought my vision to life.

The lion’s frightened expression, inspired by the original statue in the heart of Bournemouth, struck me deeply. It made me recreate it, to capture its essence and tell its story through my art. Each donated bead and piece of jewellery became a part of this narrative, adding layers of meaning and connection to the sculpture.

Working with unconventional materials was both challenging and fun. Mixing newspaper, mod-roc, and chicken wire with fabric and beads allowed me to experiment, to push the boundaries of traditional sculpture and explore new possibilities of making something like this. It was a deeply personal and enriching process, one that allowed me to discover my own creative vision.

As I carefully crafted each detail of the lion’s face and body, I couldn’t help but reflect on the work of artists like Kathleen Ryan and Daisy Collingridge, who inspired me with their innovative approaches to sculpture. Their fearless experimentation and dedication to pushing artistic boundaries encouraged me to do the same.

The result of this journey is more than just a statue; it’s a symbol of community collaboration and my creative vision. Every element of the sculpture, from the newspaper and mod-roc to the beads and jewellery, holds a piece of this story, a fragment of the collective effort and shared ownership that brought it to life.

As I look at my lion statue now, standing tall and proud, I am filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. It represents not only my creative journey but also the strength and resilience of the community that supported me along the way. It’s a reminder of the beauty that can emerge from collaboration and the possibilities that exist when we dare to dream and create together.”

IMG 2124 2