Additional Costs

The majority of student costs are included in our fees but below are items that will be charged additionally, depending on programme of study and student requirements.

Compulsory costs will be invoiced during the relevant term. Optional costs are generally payable in advance of the activity taking place. Parental permission will be sought for optional costs over £100.

Cost type

Relevant Items

Cost Indication

Compulsory Costs

UCAS application*


IELTS Exam fees*

£200 (students may be required to take this more than once)

A Level exam fees*

£90-£220 per subject

GCSE exam fees*

£40-£80 per subject

Other academic exam fees*

£60-£120 per subject (depending on programme)

Exam certificate courier postage


£25-£55 depending on location

Work experience


* Exam fees are set by the exam boards and are subject to change. + Courier charge set by provider and subject to change (UK or overseas).

Optional costs

One to One lessons / Additional

Learning Support sessions

£55 per hour

Day or weekend trips (e.g. to London or optional class field trips)

Around £30 (day) – £400 (weekend) depending on destination and length of trip

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award;

Bronze, Silver or Gold options

Gold – £600/ Silver: £350/ Bronze: £275

Music lesson (10 half hour lessons)

£190 per term

Speech and Drama lessons (10 half hour lessons)

£190 per term

Year 11/Sixth Form Ball


Flexi boarding (weekday nights)


Flexi boarding (weekend day and night)


GCSE/A Level full remark

£40-£60 per subject (refunded if the mark changes)

  Bursary application fee  £85


Other Costs You May Incur

These costs will vary and will generally not be charged by the College. Some of the costs will not be relevant and will depend on the course and the specific subjects you take. Some items can be bought second hand or borrowed so prices are only examples.



Visa costs (including Immigration Health

Surcharge £1035 per year)**

£1525+ for Child Student Route

Guardianship fees

Costs will vary depending on the guardianship

chosen and not directly charged by BCS***

Taxi Transfer Costs 
  • London Heathrow to BCS approx. £210
  • London Gatwick to BCS approx. £250
  • London Luton to BCS approx. £270
  • London Stansted to BCS approx. £350

** International students will be required to pay visa application fees, and associated fees as required – such as the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge, Tuberculosis tests, fees to renew or extend a visa etc. These fees are set and charged by the UK government and are subject to change.

***All international students are required to have a UK guardian if they are not residing with their parents in the UK.