Joining BCS

Making the best choice for your child

Joining BCS

We are delighted you are looking to enrol your child here at BCS. Below details the outline of what you can expect throughout the joining process, however for full details please download our Joining BCS brochure here. Our Registrar is also available to discuss any queries you may have about Prep or Senior at


There is a wonderful richness about the education provided by the school, and we strongly encourage all parents to come and visit, with their son or daughter, to see for themselves and discuss next steps.

Each section of the school has a slightly different approach to the admissions process, reflecting the different stages children are at on their developmental journey. Whilst entry is supported for a wide range of abilities, we do also have to be confident we have the capacity and resources to support each child’s individual educational needs. These can be discussed when you visit.


In the last few years, the school has seen a significant increase in interest in places. BCS is a small school, with an intimate community which prides itself on having strong, personal relationships. Small classes sit at the heart of our approach and every pupil is known, encouraged and supported as an individual.

To ensure we are able to provide this level of individual focus, and to be confident in our ability to offer the best possible level of support, the school has decided that for September 2023 entries there will be a selection process.

Examination papers in both English and Mathematics (GL based) and a short piece of extended writing will need to be completed as part of the entry. School reports, a Taster Day, an interview and references will continue to be part of the portfolio of information the school requires.

For the Sixth Form day pupils will be required to complete a CAT4 assessment and provide predicted GCSE grades and school reports. International students will be required to complete the same assessment and where English is a second language a CEPT assessment.

Whilst priority will be given to pupils from our Prep School, children of staff and siblings (where one or more is already in the school), all prospective pupils will be required to achieve a certain level of academic performance to be offered a place.

BCS has always supported a wide range of interests and abilities, and this is a true strength of the school. Please rest assured that this will continue to be the case. It is not the school’s intention to replicate a grammar approach to admissions and we will continue to consider all aspects of the entry process.


Pupils interested in joining BCS are encouraged to come to visit initially at one of the respective School Open Days, which are held throughout the year. A follow up meeting can be arranged when you can meet with either the Headmistress of Prep, Miss Kay Smith, or our Headmaster, Mr Russell Slatford.   

Following the visit, you may wish to register your child for a place at the school. Click here to download a registration form.


Open Mornings: Prep and Senior

  • For information on upcoming open mornings please click here

Key Dates for September 2023 Entry: Senior

  • Saturday 5th November 2022 – Entrance Papers
  • Friday 2nd December 2022 – Deadline for all Scholarship and Bursary applications
  • Monday 9th January 2023 – Scholarships assessment week
  • Friday 17th February 2023 – Offers of place sent
  • March 2023 – Deadline for acceptance


Once the registration process has been completed, a Taster Day will be arranged for both Prep and Senior. These allow prospective students to meet teachers and pupils, familiarise themselves with the school surroundings and experience a day as a BCS student.

Please download our Admissions Policy here
Please download our School A-Z here



The mathematics paper is based on work which candidates would normally cover during Key Stage 2 of the national curriculum.


The English paper tests comprehension, vocabulary, and punctuation. 

Pupils will also complete a free writing task which will last 10 minutes. There is no preparation for this and will be required to respond to specific topics given.


For the two GL Assessment (Granada Learning Assessment) papers, questions are of a multiple-choice style with candidates entering their answers on a pre-printed sheet.  Scores achieved in these papers are standardised against national criteria by age.

All GL Assessment tests are designed to be taken within specific time limits.  Many students within a wide range of abilities will be able to answer most of the questions, given sufficient time. No variation in timing is permitted unless the applicant has a relevant Education Health Care Plan or Statement in which case a maximum of 25% additional time may be permitted.


We recommend children familiarise themselves with the multiple-choice layout of the test, content and examples of some types of questions they will face.  We want to give all children the opportunity to experience sample questions across a range of question types in advance of the test.

This is particularly true with the verbal reasoning tests as they may not have encountered these types of questions before.  Free familiarisation material is available for each subject for use by candidates and their families and can be found here:

As well as practice tests, you will find Parent Guides and mark schemes here too.

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