Learning Plus (SEN)

Learning Plus (SEN)

The Learning Plus Department (SEN) is a well-established part of the school organisation. The aim of the department is to provide pupils every opportunity to reach their full potential and become more independent learners.

In order to do this, we offer specialist teaching and resources which targets those who have more specific difficulties. In addition, we work alongside subject teachers providing strategies for support and remove barriers to learning.

The strength of the department is centred around a caring and personalised approach. We know our pupils well and as a result we can teach to the strengths of the individual, whilst working to improve and support areas requiring development. Moreover, the team works closely with parents to ensure that each and every pupil is supported to the best of our ability.

Specialist assessments can also be arranged where necessary, either diagnostic assessments or assessments to support exam access arrangements. These assessments are then used to support teaching and learning across the whole school.

The Learning Plus teachers have extensive expertise and experience. If you wish to discuss any queries or you would like to arrange additional lessons, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.

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