Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

We fully understand a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and this forms the core of our catering provision.  

Working with Holroyd Howe, a leading and highly creative catering company, our daily menus include a variety of healthy, nutritious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner: 

·       Fresh homemade seasonal soups and breads, salads, sandwiches 

·       Seasonal hot and cold options 

·       Jacket potato and pasta bar   

·       Vegetarian/vegan choices as standard at every mealtime 

·       Fresh fruits, hot and cold dessert choices 

BCS, while being a nut free school, supports and caters for all allergens and dietary requirements, with specific menus designed for individuals where required. Our catering team meets regularly with senior management, parents and pupils to share ideas and suggestions and also work closely with departments such as sports to ensure menus support training and matchday nutrition needs. 

Please click to download sample Menus.

Senior Menu Summer 2024 - Week One

Senior Menu Summer 2024 - Week Two

Senior Menu Summer 2024 - Week Three

Prep Menu 2023