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We are extremely proud of some of our achievements and would like to share a number of successes from 2016-2017.

This year has seen the VISUAL ARTS at BCS gain even more success. From where we were five years ago, to now, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Our GCSE results speak for themselves, with 70% of our students gaining A*- B grades, with 100% A*-C. To top this, we once again had 100% A*-B success with our A Level artists, with 66% gaining A*!

In addition, our newer courses are developing well, with A Level Photography becoming more and more popular. 40% of our photographers gained an A* or A grade, with 70% passing with and A* - B. Even more pleasing was the fact that A level Art students gained a Value Added score of 1.33, while the photographers gained a score of 0.9. Well above national average. Our students are thriving in the Visual Arts and can support their passion with numerous clubs, including Community Arts, Decorative Arts, Clinics and homework clubs. Trips, exhibitions and competitions are common, and we are proud to say that many of our students are gaining ‘direct entry’ into their chosen degree courses. Over the last two years, our artists have been accepted to study degrees at St Martin’s, The London College of Fashion, the Arts University at Bournemouth, Milan and many more of the top universities and art colleges. All students who have applied for either a Foundation Diploma or Degree have gained their first choice.  

Mark Coulter: Director of Visual Arts

The MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT continues to provide BCS students with the expertise to achieve their maximum potential in both GCSE and A Level examinations. Over the years, the department has grown from one full time and one part time teacher to a department of 6 full time teachers, one of whom also delivers the Computer Science curriculum. We work well as a team and teach across the ability range, so pupils in the lower school have the experience of lessons with teachers who teach IGCSE and A Level Mathematics.

In the past 8 years the IGCSE pass rate A*-C has never been less than 80%, in fact 6 of those years has been 85% or more. This year the pass rate increased from 90% in 2016 to an incredible 96% this summer, amazing for a non-selective school, with value added of 0.95 across the year group.

We continue to offer AQA Further Mathematics and of the 10 students in year 11 who completed the course 70 % gained grade A, A * or A*distinction grades in this level 2 examination and the other 3 gained grades B and C

At A Level we have similar success, with 59% of students gaining grades A*-A  in 2016 to 55% in 2017, average value added this year of 1.28, following up on last years of 1.75, both years one of the highest VA across A Level subjects. Students studied core maths, statistics and decision maths. Last year 3 successful Further Mathematicians gained grades A*, A and C grades and our year 12 student this year gained grade A at AS level  which bodes well for completing the course next year. These students are offered the opportunity to study mechanics modules that challenge their thinking alongside pure options. 

This has given confidence to this year's cohort into BCS Sixth Form to opt to study Further Maths this September.

 The hours of lessons, clinics, completing exercises, homework and many past papers has paid off. One year 11 student said to me, he really started to believe he could gain an A* whilst working through past papers and seeing how practise really does make a difference, another in set 3 gained grade A and in set 4 one student decided to opt for the higher exam, clinching a grade B which was nearly 2 grades above her initial baseline grade.

Suzanne Stoddard: Head of Mathematics


The Performing Arts offer BCS Sixth Form students a huge range of opportunity.  Whether you love to perform, or prefer to be behind the scenes, there is plenty for you to get involved with.  We run a whole school musical each year, where Sixth Formers often take the lead roles.  However, they also stage manage at our venue, Pavilion Dance SouthWest in Bournemouth and run the technical side of things; a wonderful chance to use professional sound and lighting equipment. We also use Sixth Former photographers and makeup artists to support the production in different ways.  BCS also has a strong association with the Shakespeare Schools Festival, where we perform at The Lighthouse, Poole.  Marketing this event to our school community and outside, is essential and a draw for those who are considering this area for further study or a career.  

If you want to boost your CV or UCAS application, then the Performing Arts is ideal for learning, developing and demonstrating skills. Aside from performance and production,  you can run lower school drama groups, lead costume and makeup club, or even direct your own play. Students who want to boost a design portfolio have also found stage and costume design opportunities a real help in broadening their range. From leadership to public speaking, communication skills to team work, the performing arts department offers all Sixth Form students the chance for self-development.  

Rhiannon Lawton: Head of Performiong Arts

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