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Life Skills

Upon joining the Sixth Form, each student benefits from a personal tutor for constant support and guidance. Via a wonderfully enriched learning programme, we equip each student with highly valuable life skills

Throughout their time in Sixth Form students will:

·         Be taught the importance of hard work

·         Learn to manage their own time effectively

·         Develop research as well as communication skills

·         Think for themselves and learn to evaluate the world around them

·         Be inspired by their subject choices to want to learn beyond the curriculum

·         Discover what interests them, what they are good and excel at

·         Serve and lead, learning about the spirit of a community

·         Discover that freedom comes with responsibility

·         Be provided with a personal tutor and advice to make sure the decisions they take about the future are in their long-term interests

·         Receive excellent preparation for life at university and beyond

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