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The School Day

Each day starts at 8.30am

The School Day

The School Day at BCS is designed to provide the widest opportunity for pupils to learn, to take part in sport and activities and to enjoy their time with their friends.

Arrival: pupils should arrive no later than 8:30am and this will give them time to get their belongings in order for the day ahead. A large number of buses are operated by the school and their routes are planned so that they arrive at school in good time.

Form tutor time or assembly on some mornings, starts at 8:40am. Each pupil is allocated to a tutor, this is their first point of contact and they will see their tutor at least once a day. Target setting, going through the pupil planner, PSHE and careers interviews are some of the things that will take place in tutor time.

Lessons: we have 5 one hour lessons a day and we operate a 2-week timetable, week A and week B, each week is broadly similar. This timetable allows us to provide sufficient flexibility for a broad and balanced curriculum whilst ensuring that we can focus an appropriate amount of time on the core subject areas.


8.40am Registration
Tutor time /Assembly
9.10am Lesson 1
10.10am Break
10.30am Lesson 2
11.30am Lesson 3
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Registration
1.40pm Lesson 4
2.40pm Lesson 5
3.40pm End of Lessons 3.45pm Co-curricular Programme Starts
4.45pm School Day ends (End of Co-curricular)
4.50pm Buses leave

Lunch is provided every day in the dining hall, there is a rota for pupils to follow so that pupils do not have to wait for long. There is always a good selection of food on offer; a hot protein dish, pasta, jacket potatoes, a vegetarian option, plus soup / bread, an extensive salad bar and wide range of desserts, hot and cold. We are able to cater for specific dietary requirements.

Our Co-curricular programme takes place mainly after school but also at lunchtimes and occasionally before school for some sports. Each year group will be offered a different timetable of activities each term which they sign up to. These will be a mix of academic extensions, leadership and cultural opportunities. Pupils will also be able to use some of this time for prep. Pupils are expected to be in school until the end of the full day unless by prior agreement. To find out about this in more detail please go to our main co-curricular page.

Houses: each pupil is part of a ‘House’ and there are four Houses. We run a number of House events throughout the year which includes a large number of sports, Arts competitions, and other events such as a ‘Bake-off’. Pupils are encouraged to take part in the House events as it is a great way to make more friends, to try things they have not done before and also it is really good fun.

Menus: please click to download our Prep and Senior menus

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