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PE & Games


The best in everyone


Character, confidence, health & fitness


A Positive Lifelong Relationship with Physical Activity and Sport

Core Sport

Our aim is for every pupil at BCS to receive a minimum of 120 minutes per week of Games and a dedicated PE Lesson.

The current allocation over a two week for the various stages are:

KEY STAGE 3 (with swimming incorporated)

Year 7                    3 single & 1 double lesson

Year 8                    3 single & 1 double lesson

Year 9                    2 single & 1 double lesson

KEY STAGE 4  (with swimming incorporated)  

1 double and 2 single lessons                                                                                                                                                                     

KEY STAGE 5                                                                                        

1 single lesson  - Pupils are able to utilise sport and gym facilities outside of this time.                                                                                                



PE lessons at BCS have a primary focus on the development of skills, knowledge, understanding, character, confidence, health and fitness. It is in these lessons that pupils learn about the sport and have the opportunity to further develop and learn the finer motor skills of the sport being taught. Our Physical Education (PE) and Health curriculum will bring out ‘the best in everyone’.

Games sessions at BCS are historically held in the afternoons and allow pupils to participate on a competitive platform for the school This may be against other schools and teams or simply in an inter-house competitive format. BCS Games afternoons allow pupils to put into practice what they have learnt within their PE lessons and have a primary focus on game play and participation.

The two combined will enable our young people to forge a positive lifelong relationship with physical activity and sport.

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