Enjoy, Achieve, Aspire


Challenging land and water based activities


Coastal facilities on our doorstep


The spirit of competition


Sport for ALL


Fulfilling aspirations through sport


BCS Sport offers pupils opportunities that ALL can take advantage of. Our aim is to promote a positive relationship with a healthy active lifestyle and to help develop rounded young people, who adopt the school ethos of Community, Commitment, Curiosity and Creativity. BCS Sport strives to develop pupils not only physically but also mentally and socially. We provide a variety of routes which pupils can be involved in.

Core Sport – All pupils will be involved in BCS Core Sport from Year 7 to Year 13 where they will participate in a wide variety of sports in their PE and Games lessons provided.

PE Courses  – Once pupils reach Year 10 and higher, they will have the opportunity to take their sporting interests further by studying the academic side of Physical Education with GCSE PE followed by the A Level.

Academy Sport – Our Academy offering is what we believe makes BCS unique. We offer a wide range of advanced training programmes which pupils trial to become members. We provide a platform in these sports to push athletes to their full sporting potential.


The Physical Education Department at BCS, as a minimum, strives to meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum, allowing students to experience a wide range of activities and develop their knowledge and understanding of the principles and rules of sport.

Our Departmental Philosophy is:

" ENJOY, ACHIEVE, ASPIRE"  fulfilling aspirations through sport

All members of our PE Department are committed to the delivery of High Quality PE, both within lessons and through extra-curricular activities.

In particular, we pay attention to;

  • Positive attitudes towards Physical Education and Sport.
  • An understanding of the “Spirit of Competition”.
  • Self-determination and the spirit of cooperation with others.
  • An appreciation of the relevance of exercise, diet and hygiene to good health.
  • The physical development and general fitness of all students.
  • The development and progression of individual skills.

We also actively encourage the development of sportsmanship, respect for others and positive relationships between groups by the involvement of pupils as participants and observers.

Our PE programme provides physically challenging land and water based activities in a variety of environments and assists in the development of self-confidence and self-discipline, as well as making an important contribution to pupil’s personal and social development.

The Department aims to encourage a lifelong participation in physical activity and sport through our teaching and a dedicated approach to extracurricular opportunities.

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