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About Boarding

Welcome to BCS Boarding

As a boarder at BCS, we offer your child structured independence and the opportunity to grow and mature within a safe and stimulating environment.  Living with others will help your child to develop a sense of community.  They will grow to understand that caring for others is as important as looking after themselves.  Boarding at BCS enables your child to develop friendships which will, and do, last long into their future lives.

They will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and may be chosen to be a House Prefect or, indeed, Head of Boys' Boarders or Head of Girls' Boarders.  In these positions they will be expected to carry out boarding duties, chair Boarding Council meetings, speak at public events and arrange events for the boarding community.  With the continued support and care provided by the boarding staff, your child will be able to enrich their own life and that of others while developing into a confident, mature and responsible young adult.  We help students to become creative, critical, strategic decision-makers, who are ready to respond creatively to the changing world around them.

We give them the opportunity to get involved!  Whether it be with go-karting, cooking, fashion shows, chess competitions, academic subject challenges, they are encouraged to have a go as they may find a skill they never knew they had.  Indeed, through these wide range of activities and trips, we want our boarders to take risks and challenge themselves to discover their strengths and talents which will further develop their independence, self-confidence and determination.

Our pupils come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we celebrate the diverse range of cultures and faiths within the boarding community and constantly offering opportunities for pupils to discover more about and embrace the world around us.  We value and celebrate diversity and individuality!  As in all areas of the school, our boarding provision is underpinned by a strong pastoral support system and it is our priority that pupils always feel happy, valued, listened to and supported.  Emphasis is placed on concern for the welfare of others within the school community and when your child arrives as a boarder they are immediately given a 'boarding buddy' to show them how things work.  You are never alone as a boarder at BCS; there is always somebody who cares and there is always fun to be had!

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