Policies & Inspection Reports

Policies and Inspection Reports

All of our publications are all available for you to download as pdf files. Please click on any of the titles below to download the document. You are welcome to print or save these documents​.


Terms & Conditions


BCS Prep ISI Inspection Report November 2017

BCS Senior ISI Inspection Report November 2017

ISI Boarding Welfare Intermediate Inspection March 2015

BCS Prep and Early Years Inspection Report November 2011

BCS Senior School Inspection Report November 2011

Boarding Inspection June 2011


BCS Academic Performance Statement

BCS Acceptable Usage Policy for ICT for Pupils

BCS Admissions

BCS Aims and Ethos

BCS Alcohol Smoking and Substance Abuse

BCS Anti-bullying A Policy

BCS Anti-bullying B Cyber bullying

BCS Assessment A Policy

BCS Assessment B Non Examined Assessment

BCS Assessment C Marking

BCS Attendance

BCS Behaviour

BCS Bomb Evacuation Policy

BCS Careers

BCS Centre Guidance Policy

BCS Complaints

BCS Contact

BCS Curriculum 1 Policy

BCS Curriculum 2 Homework

BCS Data Protection

BCS Dog Policy

BCS E Safety

BCS EAL Code of Practice

BCS Equal Opportunities

BCS Examinations

BCS Exclusions

BCS Fire Safety Management Policy

BCS Fire and Emergency Response Procedures (Prep)

BCS Fire and Emergency Response Procedures (Senior)

BCS Fire and Emergency Response Procedures (Boarding)

BCS First Aid

BCS Health and Safety Policy

BCS Highly Able and Talented

BCS Induction

BCS Information

BCS Medicine Management

BCS Mobile Phone Procedures for Pupils

BCS Mobile Digital Devices

BCS Out of School Care

BCS Performance

BCS Photography and Filming

BCS Physical Restraint

BCS Premises

BCS Privacy Notice Policy


BCS Pupil Positions of Responsibility

BCS Responsibilities

BCS Risk Assessment

BCS RSHE Prep Policy

BCS Safeguarding Children and Child Protection 2 Missing Pupils

BCS Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy 1

BCS Screening Searching and Confiscation

BCS Self Injury

BCS Special Educational Needs & Disabilities


BCS SRE Policy

BCS Staff Code of Conduct

BCS Staff List

BCS Supervision

BCS Teaching

BCS Uncollected Child

BCS Uniform

BCS Use of Vehicles

BCS Visits

BCS Volunteer Helper

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