Sport Academies

High Level, Elite Coaching

The BCS SPORT ACADEMY is a collection of unique programmes where pupils can combine their studies with high level, elite coaching from professionals in a number of sports. A personal school timetable gives talented sportsmen and women the opportunity to receive both coaching and an excellent education in school hours thus allowing for a life outside of school and training.

We aim to deliver a programme which promotes, enhances and nurtures sporting excellence. BCS are working hard alongside a number of excellent sporting providers to develop individual programmes for their sports These are designed to help those who have shown a particular sporting talent continue with their necessary training, to really strive and reach their full sporting potential whilst at the same time helping them to achieve within their academic studies.

Each programme is tailored so that it can fit within the school day resulting in minimal disruption to the pupil’s life outside of school.


Our team of coaches are all sportsmen in the true sense of the word, encouraging our pupils to win, but also preparing them to act as suitable ambassadors for their sport and their school.

Many of our pupils are being trained for elite success, but as a school our Sports Academies have been designed to ensure that Academy members maintain their sense of reality, of moral living, of sportsmanship and of the need to support their teammates.

As a school, the Academy has been designed to not only deliver the very best sporting opportunities, but also to make sure that the educational, pastoral and social needs of the Academy pupils are carefully and expertly nurtured.

BCS has a range of top coaches and support staff who have local, national and international experience in their chosen fields. The expertise that these experienced coaches and staff bring to the school has enabled our own sports and physical education department to excel, and the school teams are more successful than ever.


AECC University College provide sport science testing and support through their Sport Performance Centre facility to Bournemouth Collegiate School (BCS) Sport Academy. Students at BCS gain specialist fitness, performance, movement, physical and psychological support delivered by the University College’s specialist expertise, propelling student athletes to the next level and assisting them to reach their potential.

The Sport Performance Centre provides a range of sport science, performance and rehabilitation testing, analysis and intervention services to external clients and user groups. Staff in the Sport Performance Centre have extensive experience working across a broad range of sports and at different levels of expertise.

Staff have also worked with performers and teams across a comprehensive range of sport and performance settings including: athletics, badminton, cricket, cycling, football, golf, lacrosse, martial arts, rugby, sailing, squash, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, and ultra-distance running.

For further information and entry criteria please click on the individual academies below. If you do have any unanswered questions, please contact our Director of School and Academy Sport, Mr Richard Harrison-Poole:

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