Robotics Challenge

One of the many activities available during Co-curricular


This project and co-curricular club has been designed to help students understand the world of work, to learn about different industries/services and how they interact with each other in order to achieve their goals. There are four themes, these being Engineering-developing a robot, Marketing a robot, Management consultancy and Logistics and supply chain.



BCS' Design and Technology department are keen to develop programming, design and make opportunities as well as focussing on STEM links and experiences and have used this co-curricular activity to explore a wide range of Technology challenges through the use of Lego EV3 Mindstorms kits.

The project has been delivered to a group of 12 year 9 students over a 12 week duration and these students were visited by BAE Systems, Digital Marketing and Business Analysis professionals who were able to given them a flavour of these careers as well as showcase Technology being used in all aspects from Drone digital photography to Electrical System development in Submarines. Students have reviewed their skills and strengths in each activity and now better understand which aspect of Design and Technology and Marketing careers that they are most interested in and can see how their strengths can support an overall team.

The end result from the Robotics co-curricular activity has involved the creation of a website, programming of the robot as well as construction of a bespoke Robot that can carry out tours of the Design and Technology department, introducing schemes of work and displaying projects from each year group.

We plan to run this activity again throughout next academic year, aiming to involve thirty students in this learning experience.

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