Enhanced programmes and learning experiences outside school hours


The ethos of co-curricular is embedded into BCS and works to support the whole school directive of the 4Cs (curiosity, commitment, creativity and community). Its aim is to provide opportunities for pupils and students to access activities, programmes and learning experiences that complement their learning in school. There are a variety and number of activities for both girls and boys to take advantage of. 

Co-curricular at BCS encompasses musical and sporting events, celebration of the arts, academics, chess, orchestral evenings, house events, careers talks, scholar twilight seminars and much more. 

These opportunities allow pupils to gain something which enhances their educational experience and equally is something that we the staff and pupils are proud of.

When will it happen? 

The co-curricular programme runs at lunch and after formal lessons between 3.45pm and 4.45pm. 

Each year group will be offered a different timetable of activities each term which they sign up to. These will be a mix of academic extensions, leadership and cultural opportunities. Pupils will also be able to use some of this time for prep. 

We encourage pupils to lead in the activities being offered during the co-curricular time through the pupil voice.  

For more information about the Co-curricular subjects available, you can find our Co-curricular brochure and Spring 2020 timetables for each year here.

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