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Sport in Boarding

Whether you are a budding Olympic champion, or you just like playing sport for fun, BCS caters for all levels. At BCS you can take advantage of some excellent sporting opportunities.

You don't have to be a budding professional to enjoy the sporting aspect of boarding life – there's something for everyone, for all levels of ability. As well as the traditional team sports, BCS also provides a number of individual sports too.


At BCS, we offer a number of fantastic opportunities for our boarders to get involved on a daily and weekly basis, from making use of our huge Sports Hall, where the likes of basketball, table tennis, & badminton are played, to the use of our on-site high performance gym, we are sure there will be something that suits you.

A number of our Housemasters & Mistresses are qualified coaches and often put on weekly sporting activities that can cover anything from swimming (in our on-site pool) to dance and strength & conditioning classes.

Seasonal sports are also available, whether it be on-site on our all-weather astro pitches or Sport Field, to extending onto the nearby sandy beach – a mere 5 minute walk away.

Sport is part of the daily time table at BCS, and the principle behind Core PE is simple: to make physical education both fun and focused.

You can find out more about Core PE here.


BCS run a number of specialised Sport Academies which are further enhanced by our boarding facilities. Our Swimming Academy is attended by numerous boarding pupils, due to the hours of training in the on-site training pool, as does our national standard Tennis Academy.

Our team of Academy coaches are all sportsmen in the true sense of the word, encouraging our pupils to win, but also preparing them to act as suitable ambassadors for their sport and their school.

Many of our boarding pupils are being trained for Olympic and world success, but as a school our Sports Academy has been designed to ensure that Academy members maintain their sense of reality, of moral living, of sportsmanship and of the need to support their teammates.

As a school, the Academies has been designed to not only deliver the very best sporting opportunities, but also to make sure that the educational, pastoral and social needs of the Academy pupils are carefully and expertly nurtured.

BCS has a range of top coaches and support staff who have local, national and international experience in their chosen fields. The expertise that these experienced coaches and staff bring to the school has enabled our own sports and physical education department to excel, and the school teams are more successful than ever.

You can find out more about Sport Academies here.

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