SENIOR ISI Inspection 2017

ISI Inspection 2017

The school is regularly inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) who are the body approved by the Secretary of State for Education for schools who are members of the Independent Schools Council (ISC) and ISI is also approved to inspect the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

ISI inspection report – November 2017 Summary of feedback

BCS Senior School, from Year 7 through to Year 13 (including Boarding), was visited by a team of six inspectors, over a three-day period towards the end of November 2017. The final report can be found on this page as a PDF file. What follows is a very brief and simple summary.

Regulatory Compliance Inspection (RCI): In every single area, the School is compliant and there are no requirements for further action. (See pages 7-8 of the Senior Report and pages 6-7 of the Prep Report.)

Key Comments from Mr Russell Slatford MA (Cantab) - Headmaster, are:

There is a great deal of information in the report. We also received verbal feedback a number of times during the visit of the team of inspectors and also the results of the questionnaire were shared with me. The written and verbal feedback was overwhelmingly positive and below I have set out just some of the comments that have particularly resonated with me.

'Pupils are increasingly encouraged to engage on higher-order thinking and study skills .... older pupils displayed sophisticated problem solving skills.'
'Pupils display excellent attitudes to their learning.'
'Pupils are articulate and confident communicators due to teachers promoting pupils’ freedom of expression: their exercise books demonstrate that they take a great deal of pride in their work'
'There is a tangible sense of togetherness (teachers and pupils) in achieving learning objectives in lessons.'
'The pupils have a clear relationship of trust between them and their teachers.'
'Pupils have strong social skills and engage fully with each other…they feel a strong sense of loyalty to the school.'

We had a good response from both pupils and parents. Here are just some of the responses which were over 95% agreed from parents:

'Teaching enables my child to make good progress and develop skills for the future.'
'The School actively promotes good behaviour, which was 100%.'
'The school does all it can to ensure my child learns in a healthy and safe environment.'
'The School meets my child’s pastoral and welfare needs effectively.'
'I receive helpful information about my child’s performance and progress.'

Our lowest score was 88% on the question about promoting democracy.

There are some comments written in the report directly about boarding, but it is the nature of the new style inspections that there is not a designated section on this. However, we did receive some excellent verbal feedback, indeed the boarding inspector specifically asked to respond at one of the meetings we had as he was ‘so impressed’ by what he had seen. These are some of the comments we noted: Very positive relationships, excellent facilities and pupils at the heart of everything that goes on in boarding.

It is time to pause and fully digest these comments, to recognise the progress the school has made and the widespread successes across all disciplines and year groups. However, I can assure you that my determination to keep pressing on, to keep listening to the staff, pupils and parents and to keep making progress, remains resolute. There are always ways we can make our School better, indeed there are two recommendations in the report, and over the course of the next few months with input and support from the Governors and Bright Scholar we will plan carefully how to achieve further improvement.

I am so grateful to my colleagues who work hard every day to support you, your children and our School, they worked especially hard in the run up to and during the visit, so my thanks go to them, they are the people that make the biggest difference.

I am very happy to receive any comments or questions, it is all an important part of the process.

Download the full BCS Senior ISI Inspection Report 2017

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