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World Book Week

09 March 2021

This week at BCSPrep, we have been celebrating a fun-filled, fabulous, fantastic World Book Week. Despite being in another lockdown and not being able to come into school to take part in all the usual book week activities, the children have had a plethora of events and competitions to take part in over the week.

Across the school, we have been looking at traditional tales: From fables to fairy tales, folk tales to myths and legends and thinking about how they were created and how they may have changed over the years. The children have been reintroduced to fairy tales such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, with their colourful and creative characters.

The children were puzzled and perplexed by the Masked Reader Competition, seeing their teachers in a completely new light, and trying to identify their voices when reading the wonderful traditional story of Sleeping Beauty. There were competitions galore; including best dress up photo, most imaginative and creative, even possibly, ‘secret’ lockdown reading spot and a create your own 3D book character special challenge, whereby they had to make or build a book character from a favourite story, using materials from home.

A huge, lovely, new national initiative this year was to take part in the ‘Great Big Read’ event. This was organised by Usborne books and invited children and parents to take part in a whole host of online reading and creative activities including a virtual book fair.

Thursday morning saw the children dressed up as their favourite book characters. In previous years we have always had a dress up parade in the hall with everybody taking part. However, with that not being possible this year, the children attended their online morning greeting registrations with their form teachers and chose to talk about their favourite books and stories; many of them in costumes.

It was lovely to see so many children make an effort and create something themselves. It was a World Book Week like no other, we will never forget it!

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