19 May 2020

Originally our annual Songs from the Shows was due to be held at BCS Senior in March and pupils had already dedicated hours of rehearsal time to their musical numbers before school closed. Not wanting their hard work to go to waste, Miss Lawton and her team utilised the wonders of modern technology to bring the joy of music to our homes through a virtual Songs from the Shows on Friday 15th May 2020.

It was a thrilling evening of singing, dancing and even a musical quiz! The event featured vocal, musical and dance performances from current pupils: Billie, Zoe, Samson, Tobias, Tom, Oli, Phoebe, Nancy, Oni and Amanda. We were also delighted to have very special guest performances from musician, composer and director David and BCS alumni George and Jess. We can’t thank our guests enough for taking the time to record their performances for our virtual event. It has been great to connect with our alumni and discover that their talents have continued to grow since their time with us at BCS.

If you missed Songs from the Shows or would like to rewatch the performances, the event is still available to watch online below:

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