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Sports Day 2021

10 June 2021

This week all pupils from Nursery to Year 6 took part in year group bubbled events in place of our normal Sports Day programme. It was fantastic to see such great sportsmanship from all pupils, and to experience a sense of healthy competition on the school field once again.

On Tuesday 8th June Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception had their 'Early Years Sports Day'. They enjoyed sack racing, hurdle jumping, bean bag throwing, and of course the famous egg and spoon race.

Later that afternoon Years 3 & 4 enjoyed their round of 'BCS Athletcis Championships', where pupils competed in houses in a number of disciplines. These included shotput, javelin, hurdle racing, sprint racing, and huge long distance race of 400m! BCS Prep Year 6 Sports Captains Leo and Imogen were present to help the PE department co-ordinate event, and to ensure everyone was listening to the rules, drinking water and reapplying their suncream.

Years 5 & 6 got to enjoy their turn at the 'BCS Athletics Championships' on Wednesday 9th June. Scores will be assessed alongside the ESAA Primary Awards Scheme; Mr Langrish can't wait to announce the results and house winners at the end of term. We were so impressed by the determination and strength demonstrated by all pupils!

At the end of the week Years 1 & 2 also got to enjoy their 'Fun Sports Morning', jam-packed with lots of fun activities to get active on the school field. They loved racing against eachother on the very long running track, and learned how to effectively pace themselves in a long distance run.

While parents were unable to visit the school to spectate and get involved, DE Photos were on hand at all times to get the best snaps of the day. These have been made available to all parents to access online. We can't wait to welcome parents back onto site for events like this soon.

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