31 January 2020

Charitable pupils from Bournemouth Collegiate School have hosted a cake sale to raise funds for the Longleat Safari Park Australian Relief Campaign. 

Upset by the recent bushfires which have devastated the Australian bush, the Dorset-based School rushed to organise a fundraising event to help the campaigns for those affected by the fires. Ultimately, the Longleat Australian Relief Campaign was agreed as this helps to rescue and rehabilitate a variety of native Australian species, with keepers from the Wiltshire-based park being flown out to provide boots on the ground. Whilst future fundraising events are being discussed the cake sale alone has raised £173.34 which will go towards providing vital supplies for injured wildlife. 

Head at BCS, Russell Slatford explained "Charitable endeavours are one of the key foundations of life at BCS, and we encourage our pupils to help wherever possible in the community - whether that community be local, or global. Whilst the bushfires in Australia are half a world away, I am reassured to see that the School's caring nature is not solely confined to those issues which directly affect them."

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