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Anti Bullying Week

20 November 2020

With support from the Anti Bullying Alliance BCS Prep celebrated Anti Bullying Week with a jampacked timetable, full of activities and opportunities to explore themes of friendship and bullying.

We kicked off the week with an 'Odd Socks Day', with pupils sporting an array of odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique.

Throughout the school wonderful activities took place; “good friend” recipe writing, poetry, song writing, with role play and storyboard making. Team work was required in problem solving tasks in Maths and PE/Sport, pupils explored communication in the animal kingdom, learnt about scientists who have faced prejudice and adversity, designing odd socks, making anti bulling superheroes, and discussing how we respect the beliefs and cultures of different religions and communities! 

Left to right: Year 4 Odd Socks Day & Year 5 write their own 'Anti Bulling Anthems'


Part of our anti-bullying week involved nominating class anti-bullying ambassadors. Their jobs will be to watch out for their class mates during lessons, transition times and play times. They may spot someone who is lonely and help them to find a friend. They may report behaviour that is not in line with our anti-bullying policy to a trusted adult, and so on.

If the pupils believed they could uphold these roles and responsibilities, they had the opportunity to perform a short speech to their class; outlining why they would like to be the anti-bullying ambassador. All of these speeches were delivered with confidence and the children all had thoughtful and insightful ideas to share. It was then down to classes to vote for their ambassador. The elected ambassadors will all receive appropriate training that will be provided by The Diana Award in the Spring Term. Well done to all of our accomplished ambassadors, wear your badges with pride! 

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