Enrichment & Leadership

Develop skills and achievements that will enhance university applications

Enrichment & Leadership


The BCS Sixth Form Enrichment Programme is an opportunity for Sixth Formers to enjoy an educational experience which may complement their A Level studies and develop skills and achievements that will enhance university applications, careers and life after BCS.

The enrichment programme takes place each week and aims to provide students with the opportunity to experience a range of activities, enhance their qualifications and attend speaker presentations. Pupils will be encouraged to complete an Extended Project Qualification.

In addition, all students complement their studies with PSHE throughout the week, which is led by their tutor. Examples of subjects covered are:

·         Careers and employment, university applications and gap years

·         Health education

·         Road safety

·         Relationships

·         Personal safety and safer travelling

·         Financial awareness

·         Voting, elections and politics

·         Drugs awareness

·         The law and British society

·         Religion and Philosophy


At BCS Sixth Form we have no doubt that our Sixth Formers will go on to be the future leaders and innovators in their chosen fields. A wide variety of opportunities are available to develop and demonstrate leadership skills and we see all our students as role models and potential leaders. The development of these skills is a real strength of our Sixth Form. At the beginning of your Sixth Form career you will have the opportunity to undertake a teamwork and leadership training course; this is crucial for your personal development and also provides an opportunity to spend some time working and bonding with your year group.

The most prominent form of leadership is the Prefect system. Senior Prefects have a high-profile role in the life of the school, and undergo a rigorous and competitive selection process. There are many other opportunities for personal growth, displaying initiative and taking a lead. All Sixth Form students will have the opportunity to become prefects, and to apply to be Head Girl or Head Boy. Sixth Form prefects are expected to organise charity events, mentor events, musical events, lower school sports competitions, run the School Council and assist in a multitude of whole school activities.

The senior student team also assist in the running and organization of the annual Sixth Form Ball and other events. Sixth Form Prefects are appointed to subject areas designated as responsibility posts and curriculum areas may also nominate students to be ambassadors. This provides an ideal opportunity for students to develop their own strengths and to have a direct input into these areas of school life.

Senior students can get great pleasure and fulfilment helping younger pupils with extra-curricular activities. Running drama clubs or helping with the choir, sports coaching for the lower school teams; can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Any Sixth Former can become a mentor for lower school students, for which they will receive training and support.  In addition, some students, following appropriate training, choose to become 'Buddies' to new students in the school. This invaluable opportunity allows pupils to develop the community feel that we are proud our sixth form possesses.

Life Skills

Upon joining the Sixth Form, each student benefits from a personal tutor for constant support and guidance. Via a wonderfully enriched learning programme, we equip each student with highly valuable life skills.

Throughout their time in the Sixth Form students will:

·         Be taught the importance of hard work

·         Learn to manage their own time effectively

·         Develop research as well as communication skills

·         Think for themselves and learn to evaluate the world around them

·         Be inspired by their subject choices to want to learn beyond the curriculum

·         Discover what interests them, what they are good and excel at

·         Serve and lead, learning about the spirit of a community

·         Discover that freedom comes with responsibility

·         Be provided with a personal tutor and advice to make sure the decisions they take about the future are in their long-term interests

·         Receive excellent preparation for life at university and beyond

Global Citizens

Few would disagree that through travel and modern communications, the world in which we live can seem a much smaller place. Equally, with today’s career opportunities just as likely to stem from the major economic centres overseas as from the UK, we believe that it is vitally important that every Sixth Former views life with a true sense of internationalism.

Consequently, whether it is through the relationships they make with other Sixth Formers, skiing, travelling to Africa, studying in France and Spain we make certain that students gain countless opportunities to experience the world, discover new cultures, meet people from different walks of life and truly broaden their horizons.

Sophisticated teaching and learning, a richness of opportunity and a profound sense of community are the clear hallmarks of Sixth Form life at BCS. During the Sixth Form years we do everything possible to help each student to aim for the top, achieve their best, secure a place at one of the premier Higher Education institutions – and, ultimately, enjoy a distinguished career.

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